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 Angi Jackson (Sklar)

“I chose to work with Jeremy to train for fitness competitions because he took my schedule and time constraints in to consideration.  When my competitors were working out 2-3 hours a day, Jeremy customized a 1 hour work out for me that was much more efficient and gave me the results I needed to compete nationally and earn my professional status as a fitness competitor.  Thanks for helping me achieve my goals, Jeremy!”*




Ben Ellis


“”I have been working with Jeremy since January 2003. I have run Track since 1996 and my association with Jeremy and his expertise was my first introduction to strength training. Once Jeremy introduced me to his ideas and his training philosophy I have not looked back. My strength in certain lifts has doubled, my Personal Records on the track have fallen and my knowledge of strength training has increased with every new workout. Even though I live in England, Jeremy has always been available to answer all of my training questions. I trust his training wholeheartedly. Apart from being an outstanding strength coach he is a great friend and look forward to my next trip to the US.”


100m PR = 10.45*


200m PR = 20.91*




Kyle McDonough



“Jeremy was very qualified in his knowledge of strength and fitness. He was able to find weaknesses and develop them as well as find strengths and improve them. His system improved my power and explosiveness setting me above the herd in strength coupled with speed. With my newly found strength I became more confident physically as well as mentally.”


National Level Olympic Weight Lifter


Silver Stick Competitor (national)






“I met Jeremy several years ago when we had hired him to train my son for hockey. ( Looked like fun for dad as well !)  Watching them train, I suddenly realized how far I had drifted from the varsity athlete I knew in college.  Jeremy’s experience training elite athletes, as well as his extensive education in exercise science and the human body came through as we spent more and more time talking and training.  At first the goal was just to feel better, lose fat, and improve energy and outlook through stress relief.  There was some discomfort at first, but I was determined.  After a couple of months, I saw some strength gains and a little burst of self esteem as I felt like an athlete again….That was several years ago, (actually I think it was 2005 and into 2006)…  Reflecting on my experience, I had no idea how good I DIDN’T feel!  I weighed about 212 lbs, bf % in the mid 20’s,  wore size 38 pants, had a smaller neck, chest, arms, legs, and rear than I do now. Now I weigh about 225, (trying to trim that a little), wear loose fitting 36 pants, have a bigger neck, chest, arms, and about 17% bf. (Trying to trim that a little as well.)  I have ZERO pain in my back, and better range of motion all over. Most importantly, I work harder, and more effectively than I did. I have a better energy level and attitude at age 47 then I did at age 43, (despite the worst business climate in my business since the 1930’s.)”*




Ray Mays




“I have been training with Jeremy’s program and techniques for two years.  After 30 years of power lifting I was very skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves.  My totals have increased by 10%* and I believe there are more gains to come.  I am in pursuit of a world record total in unequipped power lifting and have trusted Jeremy to help me get there.”


2009 NASA Masters National Champion (275 pound class)*




Deadlift, Squat and Bench Total- 4/2010: 1390 lbs*


Sitting in my car, just finished the first full band workout…Awesome! The reverse hypers with bands are really something.  7/16/10


I feel strong, I like the program. 7/13/10


Deadlift, Squat and Bench Total-10/2010: 1470 lbs*


Deadlifts-525 for reps, Squats-515 “pretty comfortable for reps”, Benching 300 for sets of 3.  Estimated total: 1521-1574.  4/12/2011*




Goose Moncrief


“The only way I can describe Jeremy’s Athletic Development Systems is to say ‘Wow!’  Let’s face it, a 50+ year old athlete like me simply should not be able to play racquetball with the young guys.  Had issues with my knees, my back and my shoulder.  He coached me through all those injuries and back onto the courts. Thanks to him, I am still able to compete at the same level as I did 20 years ago, or even higher.  Because of him, I’m aiming to go to Nationals in 2012. He really cares about his athletes, and I’m grateful to have him in my corner….Kind of like my secret weapon.”




Ed Booher



June 2011


Nov 2011


“In the short time that Jeremy has worked with me on resistance training and nutrition, my results have been incredible.  His programming has been specific to my needs and goals.  I look forward to my continuing improvement with his direction”



Marcella W.
86d ago

We decided on a comprehensive 5 day a week physical training schedule and meal planning option that met my needs to lose weight and develop strength through personalized one on one training and feedback. Jeremiah is distinct from the other trainers in the knowledge and education (MS) that backs his recommendations and training plans. There are no gimmicks or wonder supplements here…Just strategic training with feedback and clean eating over time. Its great to get corrections and feedback while training to know that you are doing the moves correctly and less likely to get injured.

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