Why train with ADS?

In short: The best personal trainer in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Goose Creek, Summerville, North Charleston or Moncks Corner and at a great value. And any of my clients would be happy to talk with you to verify that.


Charles in April at 320+

Charles in April at 320+

Charles in November at 255

Charles in November at 255*

The Results:

– Body fat loss up to 10% in first year vs. less than 4% with average trainer, and less than 2% on your own*

– Above average fitness improvement with less than half the time commitment*

– Increase strength and power up to 10% in one workout, even after being plateaued for years*

My Education:

– B.S in Exercise Science

– M.S. in Bio-mechanics, Exercise Physiology, Sports Medicine

My Experience:

I have over 10,000 hours of experience in each of the following fields working with athletes from all major sports:

– Strength Training

– Conditioning (speed, agility, quickness, fitness)

– Power Development

– Olympic weightlifting

– Nutrition and Sports Nutrition

– Advanced Recovery Techniques

-Combining all of this to get the best results

My Coaching Achievements:

– Several Conference and Regional Championships at the D-1 level

– Fitness Model ranks: 2nd Nationals, 3rd Nationals, 1st State*


Notable Athletes that I have helped develop during their collegiate or post collegiate careers*:


Ben Ellis- currently #7 in 200 m (track) in England

Erica Witter- Olympian (200 m for Canada)

Aretha Thurmond- 4 time Olympian (discus)

Dee Dee Trotter- 2 time Olympic gold medalist (track)

Michelle Snow- WNBA

Kara Lawson- WNBA/Olympian

Wes Knight- FC Edmonton

Michael Kohn- LA Angels of Anaheim

Graham Godfrey- Red Sox

Brett Gardner- Yankees

*All claims are results from real clients, however, results may vary.

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